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Index of Electronic Campaign Finance Filings 2002 to 2008

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December 26, 2013
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Political Action Committee List.pdf55.16 KB
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Political Party and Legislative Campaign Committee List.pdf38.82 KB
Political Party and Legislative Campaign Committee List.xlsx11.02 KB
Reporting Periods List.pdf43.18 KB
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How to Access Archived Campaign Finance Reports

From July 2002 to July 2008, many candidates, political action committees, political parties and legislative campaign committees filed campaign finance reports in electronic spreadsheets with the former State Elections Board and the Government Accountability Board.  Lists of the candidates and committees which filed electronically are attached above in PDF and Excel files.  There is also a list of campaign finance reporting periods for which electronic reports were filed.

Getting Electonic Files

Because these electronic filings are in nonstandard formats, and because of the limited demand for them, they have not been converted for use in the Campaign Finance Information System.  Upon request, staff is able to locate individual files and supply them to members of the public at no charge.  A DVD containing all the files is available for $10. 

For information about locating an electronic campaign finance filing document, please contact a campaign finance specialist listed here.

Getting Paper Files

If the names of the candidates or committees sought is not in the attached files, the committees most likely filed its reports on paper.  Paper reports filed within the last six years are located at the Board offices in Madison.  Older reports are filed with the State Historical Society.

Contact a campaign finance specialist for more information.