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Form Letters for Indefinitely-Confined Absentee Voters and “Regular” Absentee Voters

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October 7, 2011
For use by clerks
general absentee letter.doc50 KB
indefnitely-confined absentee letter.doc56 KB

Disclaimer: The Voter Photo ID Law is in effect as of April 2015. Historical information in this clerk communication may not be current.

Clerks may use these letters to apprise your absentee voters of the ID requirement as it pertains to individual situations. 

Voters who have applied for absentee ballots as indefinitely-confined electors receive the “Indefinitely-Confined Letter.” 

All other voters (except those who are exempt from the requirement --military, overseas or confidential voters) receive the “General Absentee Voter Letter.” 

A list of acceptable photo ID is appended to each letter as a second page so that the list may be copied to the back of each letter.