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Student Residency Guide and Memo

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September 10, 2016
Student Residency Memo.pdf70.95 KB
Student Residency- WI Voter Guide.pdf47.01 KB

The subject of student residency for voting became an important topic in 2012 with two elections occurring during the summer months.  Many students and election officials were unclear about where students are eligible to vote during the summer or the school year.  Students and other transient individuals have unique circumstances that make establishing a residency for 28 days challenging.  The Wisconsin Statutes recognize and address these challenges.

The attached guidance clarifies residency issues for students.  The G.A.B. has developed the document, “Voting Residence of University and College Students” as a comprehensive memo which details the laws and procedures that should be followed in these circumstances.  This memo is a revision of the memo that the G.A.B. released in May, 2012.  This new version contains new and up-to-date information.  The G.A.B. has also developed a condensed version of this memo in the form of a two page “Student Residency Guide for Voting in Wisconsin.”  We encourage you to print this guide and share it with anyone who may find it helpful, including voters, poll workers, and observers.  This document could also be helpful during voter registration at the polling place.