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The Wisconsin Elections Commission produces a large number of publications for a variety of audiences.

Please use the links below to choose the category you wish to view. 

All Publications

Biennial Reports -- Biennial Reports of the former Government Accountability Board.

Brochures -- Brochures about the Commission, as well as topics related to elections.

Checklists -- Checklists for candidates seeking ballot access.

Election Notices -- Sample election notices for clerks.

Manuals -- Manuals for election administration, WisVote, MyVote and other subjects.

Newsletters -- Newsletters from the Commission.

Other -- Miscellaneous publications from the Commission.

Policies -- Policies of the Commission.

Reports -- Official Commission reports, including enforcement summaries.

Rules -- Current rules promulgated by the Commission.  For proposed rules, visit the Wisconsin Administrative Rules web site.

Testimony -- Testimony by Commission officials to Legislative and Congresssional committees.

Videos -- Videos produced by the Commission for training and public education