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Latest State Campaign Finance Information Available

February 2, 2007

Madison, WI – The end of the month of January 2007 brought new campaign finance reports to the State Elections Board. State candidates with campaign account activity during the last reporting period were required to file updated reports by Wednesday.

All local candidates were also required to file with their local clerk, if they were not exempt from filing requirements. County elected officials file with the county clerk, municipal officials file with the municipal clerk, and school district candidates with the school district clerk. Contact information for all clerks is available on the Elections Board’s web site.

State committees – for candidates, parties or political action committees – with more than $20,000 in campaign activity (receipts or expenses) are required to file electronically with the State. Those reports are available on the Elections Board web site at under Campaign Finance, then Electronic Filing.

“The Board tries to make campaign finance information quickly and easily accessible to the public,” said Kevin Kennedy, executive director of the State Elections Board. “If citizens or reporters have questions about the finances of a state political committee, they should be able to get the information through us.”

The Elections Board website also has a current summary for state candidates, listed alphabetically, which shows beginning and ending cash balances for the reporting period, and income and expenditure totals.

The next report due to the Elections Board is the Pre-Primary Report for state candidates in the spring election who are not exempt. Local candidates who have a primary election on February 20 file with their local clerk. Those reports will cover the period from January 1 to February 5, 2007

Also on the Board’s website are a list of filing deadlines, campaign finance forms and explanations of contribution limits for individual contributors, committees and for candidates.