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Accountability Board Hires New Division Administrators

December 10, 2007

Two Management Heads Complete GAB’s New Staff

Madison, WI – Wisconsin’s new Government Accountability Board (GAB) on Monday hired two division administrators to head the new divisions of Elections, and Ethics & Accountability. The GAB will replace the Ethics Board and Elections Board in mid-January.

The new Board hired Nathaniel Robinson as Elections Division Administrator. Robinson is currently a consultant and former executive assistant at the Wisconsin Technical College Board, and former Division of Energy administrator for the State of Wisconsin.

The new Board also hired Jonathan Becker as Ethics & Accountability Division Administrator. Becker has been legal counsel to the State Ethics Board for 17 years.

“The Board has hired two well-respected managers to complete the leadership of our new agency,” said Kevin Kennedy, newly hired legal counsel for the new agency. “We’ll be getting off to a strong start in 2008.”

Applicants for the new division administrator positions were reviewed by Kennedy, who himself was hired on November 5. The GAB is made up of six former judges who were nominated by a committee of Wisconsin Appeals Court judges, appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Legislature.

“Election administration is a transparent and accountable process in Wisconsin,” Robinson said. “I intend to make sure we stay on that course and also improve an indispensable new voter registration system.”

“I appreciate the Board’s confidence,” Becker said. “I anticipate the GAB will rigorously and fairly administer Wisconsin’s ethics code, lobbying law and campaign finance laws.”

The GAB will combine oversight of campaign finance, elections, ethics and lobbying in the state, and will take over functions of the Ethics and Elections boards on January 10, 2008.

“We are moving forward with all possible speed to meet the expectations of the Legislature and all Wisconsinites for more accountability in Wisconsin government,” Kennedy said. “These two individuals will add greatly to our momentum.”