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Candidates Certified for Wisconsin Presidential Primary

January 4, 2008

Madison, WI – Sixteen Democratic and Republican presidential candidates were certified for Wisconsin’s February 19 primary election ballot today by the State Elections Board.

The state’s Presidential Preference Selection Committee met at the State Capitol in Madison in December to select the candidates who will appear on the ballot for the election. The committee selected eight Republicans and eight Democrats. Only those parties whose candidate for governor received at least 10 percent of votes in the last election may participate in the selection process.

At least three candidates certified for the ballot by the Selection Committee have publicly withdrawn as candidates for President of the United States: Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and Tom Tancredo. However, because no candidate filed a disclaimer with the Elections Board by the statutory deadline to request that his name be removed, all candidates’ names will appear on the ballot.

On February 19, Wisconsin voters will have the opportunity to express their preference for a presidential candidate. In the Presidential Preference Primary, a voter may vote on the ballot of only one political party. The voter may choose to vote by one of the following methods:

• Vote for one of the persons whose names are printed on the ballot; or
• Vote for an uninstructed delegation from Wisconsin to the national convention of the party; or
• Write in the name of another person to become the presidential candidate of the party.

The candidates will appear on their respective party ballots in the following order:

Democratic Republican
Dennis Kucinich Duncan Hunter
Hillary Clinton Fred Thompson
Joe Biden Tom Tancredo
Mike Gravel Mitt Romney
Chris Dodd Ron Paul
Barack Obama Mike Huckabee
John Edwards John McCain
Bill Richardson Rudy Giuliani