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Board Votes to Waive Per Diem for Future Meeting

July 2, 2009

MADISON, WI – Members of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (G.A.B) last week voted to waive receipt of per diem payments for one regular Board meeting during the State’s 2009-2010 fiscal year.  The Board made the decision in recognition of the current economic situation and State budget situation.

“Both the public and private sectors have been significantly affected by economic conditions and State budget challenges,” said Judge Gordon Myse in proposing the Board’s action.  “State employees, including those in our agency, are being called upon to make serious sacrifices including furlough days and wage reductions.  It is appropriate for our Board to join in those efforts and respond in an appropriate fashion.”

The Government Accountability Board, a citizen board composed of six non-partisan former judges, unanimously approved the motion at its meeting on June 22, 2009.  The Board meets approximately eight times per year, and each Board member is entitled to a per diem payment of $445.15 per meeting.  The Board will subsequently designate a meeting for which per diem payments will be waived. 

“While this action represents a small savings in the context of the State’s overall budget challenges, our staff appreciates the Board’s recognition that we are all in this together,” said Kevin J. Kennedy, Director and General Counsel of the G.A.B.  “Service on the Board requires a significant amount of time, effort, and expertise.  This decision reflects the type of leadership that is such a benefit to our agency as well as an example for all of State government.