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Accountability Board’s Five-Year, $17.3 Million Election Administration Plan Sent to Legislature

June 26, 2009

MADISON, WI – The Government Accountability Board forwarded an ambitious, five-year, $17.3 million visionary election administration action plan to the Legislature for approval. The plan is designed to upgrade and modernize elections over the next five years.

“Initiatives contained in the plan reflect feedback from the public, voters, our 1,850 municipal and 72 county clerk partners and their respective associations, and input from our Election Administration Advisory Council,” said Board Director and General Counsel, Kevin Kennedy. “Proposals in the plan are bold, forward-looking, varied, and range from exploring and examining expanded voting methods and opportunities, to improving the efficiency of elections for local election officials and for voters.” Kennedy continued.

Earlier this week, the Board adopted the draft plan, and in doing so, authorized it to be submitted to the Legislature for approval, and to the public for comment. The Board will discuss the plan again in early August, before it is submitted to the U. S. Election Assistance Commission for consideration.

“As indicated by its consistently high voter turnout rates, Wisconsin is a leader in protecting the integrity of its electoral process, and ensuring that elections remain fair, open and transparent,” said Nat Robinson, Elections Division Administrator. “Improvements planned over the next five years will help maintain the State’s leadership by upgrading and modernizing voting business practices, and improving voting administrative efficiency.”

“The Board is encouraging the public to review the draft plan and share feedback,“ Robinson continued. We are interested in the public’s feedback and what voters think may be most important in this proposal.” 

Input from the public will be summarized and presented to Government Accountability Board for consideration at its August 10, 2009, meeting.