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G.A.B. Votes to Issue Rule to Encourage Uniform Electronic Campaign Finance Report Filing

January 15, 2009

MADISON, WI – The Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.) today voted to adopt a state administrative rule which would require candidates and committees filing electronic campaign finance reports with the State to file them through Wisconsin's new Campaign Finance Information System (CFIS) format.

"All reports will very soon be filed in the new Campaign Finance Information System," said Jonathan Becker, Ethics and Accountability Division Administrator. "This rule requires that all information filed electronically in Wisconsin is filed in a uniform, accessible format."

The G.A.B. has spent a year developing and testing the new system which will allow easier filing and searching of campaign finance information in Wisconsin.  Last month and this month, G.A.B. staff members have led training sessions for campaign finance registrants to learn to use the CFIS.

"Once it is in use by all Wisconsin PACs, committees and candidates, our new system will be an extremely valuable tool for the public," Becker said. "The information will be available instantaneously and continuously online, and will allow the public to make the connections between candidates and their contributors."

Official introduction of the CFIS will occur at the end of January when another round of campaign finance reports will come due in Wisconsin. The Ethics and Accountability Division also will hold informational briefings for state legislators and the news media after those reports are filed, Becker said.