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WisVote Updates – March 2017

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March 17, 2017
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Michael Haas, Interim Administrator
Mai Choua Thao, WisVote Elections Specialist
Sarah Whitt, WisVote IT Lead
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Recent Updates to WisVote

On the evening of Monday, March 13, updates were made to the WisVote system.  The updates contained many minor system modifications with a few noticeable updates to improve the functionality of WisVote.  This memo outlines the latest updates as well as previous system updates since the last WisVote update communication.

Voter-Related Updates

•    Previous Address:  WisVote now includes fields for clerks to enter a previous address listed on the EL-131 form.  This will be entered by clerks when processing EL-131s or EDRs.  If the registration is an update to an existing voter record, WisVote will automatically pre-fill the previous address with the voter’s previous registration address in WisVote so clerks do not have to enter it.  If the voter registers on MyVote, MyVote will automatically insert the previous address into WisVote.  If the voter has a previous address outside of Wisconsin, WisVote will send a cancellation notification to the previous state.

•    New Audit History report:  A new Audit History button is now available in WisVote to view the change log for any record.  This replaces the Audit Log associated tile, which only showed changes for the last three months and would sometimes time-out.  The new Audit History button includes all changes done in WisVote and performs faster than the old Audit Log associated tile.  

•    New views were added to WisVote to help clerks review records in WisVote that are created from the new Online Voter Registration (OVR) service on MyVote:
o    The Voter Snapshot now includes a list of voters who have registered via OVR.
o    The Address tile now has a view to display addresses that were created by MyVote.

•    New voter registration source codes have been added for voters who register with the new Election Registration Officials.  Care Facility and Alternative Absentee Location are now available in WisVote.

Absentee Updates

•    Absentee ballots (including Vote In-Person) can now be issued once the Candidates Complete checkpoint is checked up until the Election Closed checkpoint is checked, and are no longer tied to specific calendar dates.  This allows clerks the maximum flexibility to enter absentee ballots into WisVote. However, clerks are reminded that state law requires absentee ballot information to be entered into WisVote (or given to your provider) within 48 hours.

•    The absentee ballot reports in WisVote have been updated.  The Absentee Ballot Listing, Absentee Poll Listing and Absentee Central Count reports have all been updated based on clerk feedback and are available from the Run Reports button on the Election screen.

Election Updates

•    New Election Participation views were added to the associated tile from the Poll Book screen.  There are now views available to match each of the poll book counts that appear on the Poll Book screen so that clerks can see a list of the voters who are included in the counts to help with reconciliation.  The At Polls view was also updated to show which votes were recorded from the poll book versus through EDRs to help clerks further reconcile their At Polls votes.

•    The EL-190 Election Statistics report was updated to pull several counts accurately and to fix some errors reported by clerks.

Online Voter Registration Reminders

The new Online Voter Registration (OVR) service became available on MyVote in January.  This new service, as required by statute, allows voters to register completely online without having to fill out or sign a paper voter registration form as long as their registration information matches their driver license or state ID records at the Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles.  These OVR voter records are directly inserted into WisVote and are immediately active.  MyVote sends a notification to the clerk when this happens so the local election officials are aware of these new voters.  There is also a view on the Voter Snapshot in WisVote that shows OVR registrations that have been added to WisVote (see above).  Please also note that WisVote always inserts a new voter record, even if a voter is updating an existing registration.  This is to ensure that voters are not able to incorrectly update another voter’s record.  A Duplicate Registration List Alert is created if the new voter record matches an existing record and the clerk determines if they are a match or not.  Therefore, it is very important for clerks to review their duplicate alerts regularly to make sure that these new OVR records are merged with the voter’s existing record where appropriate.