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Photo ID Outreach Kit for Clerks- 2017 Updates

Timely Attention Required
February 2, 2017
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Michael Haas, Elections Division Administrator
Meagan McCord Wolfe, Voter Services/MOVE Act Elections Specialist
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Thank you for all you are doing to educate voters in your municipality about voting and the Photo ID requirement. In order to aid you in your continuing outreach efforts, the Wisconsin Elections Commission has put together a kit of tools and resources you can use to reach out to voters in your community leading up to the 2017 February Primary and April Election.

The following photo ID documents and resources have been updated and are now available on the WEC websites for your use:

1. News Release Templates
If you are looking for short articles to put in your local publication, the WEC has created news release templates that you can customize for your municipality. You will find the templates as an attachment to this communication. News release templates for clerks are available on the following topics:
a. Photo ID- Voters will need to show a photo ID when voting. Make sure that your voters know the photo ID requirements.
b. Photo ID and the DMV Petition Process- If voters don’t have documents, like a birth certificate, they can still get a free state of Wisconsin ID card for voting from the DMV. This news release explains how.

2. Voter Outreach Handouts
The WEC has created an array of voter handouts that you can use to help educate your voters. You will find the voter handouts on the WEC’s website at Here you will find the following guides:
a. Voter Guides: Absentee Voting Guide, Election Day Guide, Registration Guide, Proof of Residence Guide, Voter Eligibility Guide.
b. Specialized Voter Guides: Confidential Electors, Elderly Voters and Voters with Disabilities, Ex-Felons and Incarcerated Voters, Homeless Voters, Hospitalized Voters, Voters with a Name Change, Student Residency and Voters who are Committed.
c. Photo ID Guides: Acceptable Photo ID Guide, Certificate of Naturalization Guide, Passport Guide, WI State ID Card Guide, WI Driver License Guide, WI State ID Card without Photo Guide, Tribal ID Card Guide, Uniformed Services ID Card Guide, Veteran’s ID Guide, Student ID Guide, and Wisconsin DMV Receipt Guide.

3. Information Packet
A comprehensive information packet titled “A Complete Guide to Voting in Wisconsin and the Photo Identification Law” can be found as an attachment to this communication and on the WEC website at The complete guide is a great resource for any of your voter outreach efforts and covers topics including voter eligibility, registration, absentee, photo ID, and Election Day. The complete Guide also follows along with the PowerPoint and pre-recorded video referenced below.

4. Presentation Materials
For clerks who are interested in holding voter education events, the WEC has created presentation materials for your use. The following presentation materials are available on the WEC website:
a. PowerPoint: A PowerPoint that covers voter eligibility, photo ID, registration, Absentee, and Election Day is available for your use at:
b. Presentation Script: The WEC has also created a script that follows the above PowerPoint. Clerks can customize this script when hosting their events. The script is available here
c. Presentation Packet: The “Complete Guide to Voting and the Photo ID Law” which is attached to this communication and available here follows along with the presentation and can be handed out to voters at education events.

5. Bring it to the Ballot website/Photo ID Materials
The WEC’s photo ID website, is also a great reference for photo ID materials geared towards voters. You will also find materials available in Spanish. You may wish to provide links on your municipal website directly to the Bring it to the Ballot website. On the Bring It website you can find the following multimedia to help educate your voters:
a. TV Ads and PSA’s: WEC has 15 second and 30 second Photo ID TV ads available at These short ads are prefect for use on your website or social media. If your municipality would like to broadcast a Bring it to the Ballot PSA on your local public access stations, please download the videos from the link above or contact WEC if you need the files in a different format.
b. Radio Ads: WEC has 15 second and 30 second photo ID radio ads available at If your municipality would like to broadcast a Bring it to the Ballot PSA on your local radio stations, please download the audio file from the link above or contact WEC if you need the files in a different format.
c. Animated Videos: The WEC has four short animated videos available at These engaging videos are useful tools for voter outreach events and for use on your websites and social media. The videos are 3-4 minutes each and cover the following topics:
i. How to get a free State of Wisconsin ID
ii. What to expect at the polls on Election Day
iii. Absentee Voting
iv. Polling Place Procedures
d. Posters: The WEC has 8 different posters available at that remind voters to bring their photo ID when voting. Please print and distribute these posters in your community.
e. Brochure: Many clerks have asked us specifically about a photo ID brochure. You will find the brochure as an attachment to this communication, or you can find it at It is an excellent single-piece overview of the Voter Photo ID Law. The brochure is also available in Spanish.
f. Palm Cards: If you are looking for a short summary of the photo ID law to hand out to voters, please see the postcard-sized palm cards at Palm cards are also available in Spanish.

6. Social Media Plan for Clerks
Are you interested in using Facebook and Twitter to reach your voters but are unsure you will have enough content to post? The WEC has two options to help you reach out to your voters on Facebook and/or Twitter:
a. Social Media Tool Kit for Clerks: The WEC has created a calendar of pre-planned social media posts for clerks to use. The social media plan is attached to this communication. Posts in white can be used on any day. Posts in grey have a specific date suggestion. There are also images embedded in the calendar that we encourage you to upload with your posts. There is a column of posts suggested for Facebook, and a column of suggested Twitter posts that adhere to the 140 character limit.
b. Share and Re-Tweet WEC Posts: Please follow the Wisconsin Elections Commission on Facebook and @WI_Elections on Twitter. We encourage you to share and re-tweet WEC posts to help us reach voters in your community.

7. MyVote Wisconsin Website
Another great resource you can use to assist voters is the website. Here voters can fill out a registration form, request an absentee ballot, find their polling place, view a printable sample ballot, find their clerk’s contact information, track their absentee ballot and more! Military and Permanent Overseas voters can even request and download an absentee ballot.
a. Interested in using MyVote to register voters at your polling place or in your office? You can use this video to learn exactly what steps a voter will take when completing their registration on MyVote. This video can also be used for training poll workers who will be using MyVote. You can find the video here:
b. Training materials on the new Online Voter Registration system through can also be found here:

We hope that you will use these tools to educate voters in your municipality about photo ID and other voting requirements. It is also our hope that you will share these materials with community organizations and groups that work with voters in your community. If you have any questions about the voter outreach materials, please contact the WEC at or at (608) 266-8005.