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WisVote Election Checklist I for the 2017 Spring Primary

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Scheduled Tasks
January 6, 2017
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Jodi Kitts, WisVote Elections Specialist
MEMO_WisVote Election Checklist I_2017 Spring Primary.pdf58.65 KB
WisVote Election Checklist I _2017 Spring Primary.pdf158.19 KB

WisVote Checklist I Pre-Election Tasks for the Spring Primary Election: February 21, 2017 is now available.  The Checklist contains pre-election tasks.

Some tasks will be performed under the 2017 Spring Election and others will be performed under the 2017 Spring Primary.  It is important to do the correct tasks under the correct elections in WisVote.  This checklist is the best source of information regarding WisVote related election cycle tasks and information.  Checklist I includes information and guidance on the following pre-election tasks: 

  • Reviewing of Polling Place Locations
  • Set up and/or review the Election Plan for this election
  • Reviewing contests that were automatically created by WisVote and adding Referenda contests
  • Entering, approving and denying candidates
  • Tracking absentee ballots
  • Entering open and late period voter registrations
  • Printing Poll Books 



  • Counties are responsible for entering School District and Joint Municipal Court Candidates and Contests.

NOTE:  Please see WisVote Update #6 on the WEC website for a list of school district and joint municipal court jurisdictions by county. For districts located in multiple counties, only one county is responsible for entering the candidates and contests for the district in WisVote (as identified on list). The other county/counties (and their affected municipalities) will be able to view the contests and candidates in WisVote, but will have “read only” access and will not be able to enter or edit this information.  

  • Municipalities are responsible for entering candidates for municipal level contests or Sanitary Districts and any local referendum questions. 
  • All reporting units within your election plan must match how the county has programmed your electronic voting equipment. Also, poll books will print according to how you have your reporting units set up; you cannot print them differently, the number of poll books will match the number of reporting units
  • If your municipality is located in more than one county, ensure that your reporting units do not contain wards from more than one county. 
  • While statutes allow combining wards across County Supervisory Districts in the spring, this is not recommended. Municipal and County Clerks should communicate regarding the correct reporting units for this election.