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2005 Wis Eth Bd 08 - LOBBYING LAW

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The Ethics Board advises that a candidate for the Legislature may, consistent
with Wisconsin’s lobbying law:

  (1) remain employed as a lobbyist by the candidate’s employer while a
        candidate for election to the Legislature;

  (2) engage in campaign activities while on paid vacation time, holidays, and
        compensatory time in accordance, and consistent with, the employer’s
        treatment of other employees’ use of leave time; and

  (3) continue, while a candidate and prior to taking office, to receive benefits
        paid in part by the employer consistent with the organization’s policy for
        other employees.

The Ethics Board also advises that upon assuming office, a legislator may no
longer accept compensation or anything else of pecuniary value from the
organization except to the extent that the legislator, as a former employee, may
be contractually entitled to continue to receive benefits from an employment or
union contract that predates the candidacy.