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2002 Wis Eth Bd 05 - LOCAL CODE

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The Ethics Board advises:

The effect of building a public facility on the value of an official’s adjacent
property is a factual one. The factual assessment is important but is not one
we can make. In the absence of anything other than conjecture about that
effect, public policy favors a public official’s exercise of official duties. But the
official, at his or her discretion, may abstain from participation if the official
believes participation is likely to undermine citizen confidence in the county’s
government. Therefore:

(1) If building the public facility on adjacent property will, or is reasonably
      likely to have a financial effect on the official’s land, the official
      SHOULD ABSTAIN from participation in the decision.

(2) In the absence of any financial effect, the official SHOULD PARTICIPATE;

(3) If the effect is conjectural or attenuated, the official SHOULD
, in the official’s judgment, to do so would
      undermine public confidence in the decision or in government.