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1996 Wis Eth Bd 16 - POST EMPLOYMENT

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The Ethics Code permits a former state public official to testify on behalf of a
private party, for compensation, before an agency of another jurisdiction in a
proceeding on issues in which the former official did not have personal and
substantial involvement as a member of the governing body of a state agency.

If a former official testifies in a proceeding in another jurisdiction on issues
with respect to which the official was personally and substantially involved
as a state public official in Wisconsin, the official should accept no
compensation for such testimony unless the official can clearly and
convincingly demonstrate that the official is being compensated solely for the
official's testimony on other issues.

The Ethics Code does not restrict a former official's attempting to influence
legislation or administrative rules of state agencies other than the official's
former agency if the official does not communicate with officers or employees
of the official's former agency in connection with the official's lobbying efforts;

The Ethics Code does not restrict a former official's speaking to groups and
individuals on matters that may have been before the official's former agency
when the official held office, but the former official should not use or disclose
information gained as a result of the official's holding office if the information
has not been communicated to the public or is not public information.

(November 20, 1996)