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Recount Update: 17th SD -- Richland County numbers in

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Richland County has completed its recount of ballots in the 17th Senate District and the spreadsheet has been updated to reflect the latest numbers.  Click here for spreadsheet.

The G.A.B. is still waiting for recount results from Juneau County, which is still in progress.  We do not have an estimate of when Juneau County will be complete.

Regarding the recount of ballots in the City of Monroe (Green County), where there were 110 ballots missing, it is important for the candidates and the public to understand that the purpose of a recount is for the board of canvassers to make sure the ballots were counted properly and to resolve any discrepancies.  When there are discrepancies or a lack of a definitive result, the law allows the courts to review the decisions of the board of canvassers and, if appropriate, fashion a remedy to resolve any discrepancy.