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1996 Wis Eth Bd 05 - LOBBYING

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1. A lobbyist may, without restriction from the lobbying law, advise a
    lobbying organization’s members, or their employees, about making
    campaign contributions as long as the lobbyist is acting independent of
    any candidate or candidate’s campaign committee.

2. Campaign contributions collected from members of a lobbying
    organization, a circumstance popularly known as “bundling”, are best
    delivered by one of the contributors on behalf of the contributors without
    reference to the organization. Neither a lobbyist (nor anyone acting at a
    lobbyist’s behest) nor anyone representing himself or herself as acting on
    behalf of the lobbying organization should physically convey campaign
    contributions to partisan elected state officials, or candidates for partisan
    state elective office, except during the statutorily authorized period.

OEB 96-5 (April 12, 1996)