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2014 Partisan Primary Canvass and Recount -- 17th Senate District

Candidate Unofficial Results Official Canvass Recount
Ernie Wittwer 3,828  3,847  3,804
Pat Bomhack 3,826  3,840  3,837

Witwer lead Bomhack by 7 votes in official canvass.  See official canvass statement attached below.

See Ward by Ward Recount Tracking spreadsheet attached below for vote totals from the recount. 

The G.A.B. has received certified results from all counties.  The G.A.B. will certify the canvass at 5 p.m. Friday.

17th_SD_DEM_Canvass_Report_(8.19.14).pdf26.78 KB
17 SD DEM Ward by Ward Report.pdf17.96 KB
17th SD DEM - Tracking 355 pm Friday.xlsx24.84 KB