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Reminder to Update SVRS Office Holders in SVRS

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May 22, 2014
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Michael Haas, Elections Division Administrator
Lila Walsh, Elections Specialist
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The “My Clerk and Elected Officials” link on MyVote Wisconsin ( provides voters with their municipal clerk and elected office holder contact information. Office holders must be entered in SVRS in order to appear on MyVote.

The G.A.B. enters state and federal office holders, as well as multi-jurisdictional judges and school board members.  The G.A.B. is working with the Wisconsin Association of School Boards in order to obtain a list of all current serving school board members, including those recently elected in the 2014 Spring Election.  In the meantime, however, if you have this information easily available, you are welcome to forward school board member information (including the term start and end dates) to the G.A.B. Help Desk (

Clerks also should be entering local office holders in SVRS so that they appear on MyVote.  While clerk contact information on MyVote comes from the Jurisdictions node and is updated by G.A.B. staff, county and local office holder information on MyVote must be entered in the Office Position by provider and self-provider clerks.  Please see the Districts and Offices chapter of the SVRS Manual, specifically the “Update Office Holder” section, for instructions on how to enter an office holder in SVRS. (  Now is an ideal time to update office holder information following the Spring Election and prior to the fall elections so that the public has access to current information.

Any updates to clerk information must be sent to the G.A.B. Help Desk on the GAB-362 form ( so that voters have your correct contact information.  Thank you.