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SVRS Checklist I for 2014 Fall Partisan Primary Election

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Scheduled Tasks
May 8, 2014
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Michael Haas, Elections Division Administrator
Jodi Kitts, SVRS Elections Specialist
SVRS Checklist I_Cover Memo_2014 Fall Primary.pdf46.03 KB
Checklist I - 2014 Fall Partisan Primary - August 12.pdf522.99 KB

SVRS Checklist I for the August 12, 2014 Fall Partisan Primary Election is attached. 

Legislative changes are referenced, with specific mention given to 2013 Wisconsin Act 155 affecting those municipalities with populations of over 35,000 and to 2013 Wisconsin Act 182 affecting all municipalities with respect to proof of residency (POR).

There are three SVRS Checklists sent out for each election cycle.  You can expect to receive Checklist II shortly after June 10, 2014 and Checklist III around August 5, 2014.  These checklists should be reviewed and followed, as they are the best resource to organize and track completion of SVRS election related tasks.  Each one contains unique and valuable information.

Please review the document carefully and thoroughly and contact the G.A.B. Help Desk with any questions.  Please do not disregard the instructions on this checklist. When steps are not completed properly and in the correct order, significant problems arise later in the process. These problems can affect ballots, poll lists, and voters which may be more difficult to resolve. 

The State has created the 2014 Fall Partisan Primary Election.

  • All counties and municipalities will need to inherit the 2014 Fall Partisan Primary Election.  
  • NOTE:  During the election setup process, the reporting unit plan in SVRS must match the programming of the electronic voting equipment.

There is specific information in Checklist I regarding contest setup.

  • The State has entered all state and federal contests in SVRS.
  • All contests and candidates will be entered either by the State or County for the 2014 Fall Partisan Primary Election unless a municipality has a special electionNOTE: Each office requires three contest entries in SVRS for the 2014 Fall Partisan Primary Election: Democratic, Republican, Constitution.
  • The quality of ballots accessed by military and permanently overseas voters through the MyVote website ( depends on the care and precision with which election officials have entered the contest and candidate information in SVRS.  

Now is the time to make sure all of your data quality issues are corrected in SVRS before you issue absentee ballots.

  • Voters with no district combos (DC1) must be corrected in order for them to appear on a poll book.
  • Geo DC mismatches, geocode exceptions and boundary exceptions must be verified to ensure voters are placed in the correct district and receive the correct ballot.
  • Felon, Death and Duplicate Voter Record matches need to be completed.
  • Voter records marked as required to show Proof of Residency in SVRS should be reviewed.  Please see the addendum on page 5 of Checklist I.

The G.A.B. has recently recorded webinars on Mapping and HAVA Matches.  Please visit the webinar page on the G.A.B. website for a refresher on these processes:

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the G.A.B. Help Desk at or (608) 261-2028.  Thank you.