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A. Regardless of whether a lobbyist is acting on behalf of the organization
that employs the lobbyist or independent of it, the lobbyist need not account
to the Ethics Board:

    1. For time the lobbyist spends participating as a member in the
        deliberations either of a rule-making advisory committee established
        by a state agency under §227.13 or of a committee of the
        Legislature or

    2. For time the lobbyist spends providing information to a state
        agency official in response to the official’s request.

B. Otherwise the lobbyist should account for all the time he or she is
engaged in attempting to influence state legislation or an administrative
rule on his or her employer’s behalf, even if the information the lobbyist
provides was requested by a legislator.

C. A lobbyist is not obliged to account to the Ethics Board for activities:

    1. That are unrelated to influencing state legislation or
        administrative rules or

    2. That the lobbyist undertakes independent of his or her employer’s
        interests and not as its representative.

OEB 93-10 (November 23, 1993)