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SVRS MOU Survey Results

As part of our efforts to implement the recommendations of the Clerk Concerns Task Force, Government Accountability Board staff recently sent out a survey to all SVRS service providers.  This survey requested information on the terms of any Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) the provider may have with their relier municipalities. 

We received responses from 64 providers (79 percent response rate) and are fairly confident that our survey captures a representative sample of the kinds of SVRS arrangements currently in place across Wisconsin. 

For easier review, G.A.B. staff have created a summary that gives a high-level view of some of the most pertinent data for clerks such as common pricing structures, MOU durations, termination provisions, and renewal options.  It is our hope that in sharing this data it will inform your future MOU negotiations and help you develop better MOUs with your provider/reliers. 

G.A.B. staff continue to work on developing template MOUs based on this data that will provide more flexibility and can be easily customized to meet your desired level of SVRS service.

Please see the attachment below for results.

MOU Survey Summary.pdf64.39 KB
MOU Survey Combined Summary.xlsx21.74 KB