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School District and Multi-Jurisdictional Judge Contests in SVRS

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December 11, 2012
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
School District and Multi-Jurisdictional Judge contests in SVRS for the 2013 Spring Elections.pdf41.92 KB

School District and Multi-Jurisdictional Judge Contests to be entered in SVRS for the 2013 Spring Election by G.A.B. staff.  Request Information by December 31, 2012.

For the 2013 Spring Election, the Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.) staff will enter all school district and multi-jurisdictional judge contests in the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS).

Background:  As a result of the conversion to GIS technology for districting in SVRS, counties temporarily cannot enter school district and multi-jurisdictional judge contests in SVRS.  In order for counties to be able to resume the responsibility for entering school district and multi-jurisdictional judge district contests, the SVRS code would have to be changed.  There is too little time to develop, test and train clerks on the changes before the deadline for clerks to have ballots available online for military voters through My Vote Wisconsin website (  Director Kennedy has decided that the changes to SVRS related to school district and multi-jurisdictional judge districts should wait until after the April 2, 2013 Spring Election.

Request:  Please send a list of any School District, or Multi-Jurisdictional Judge District contests on the April or February ballot to the G.A.B. Help Desk, by December 31, 2012. Please put “SPRING 2013 School District/Multi-Jurisdictional Judge Contest” in the subject line.  G.A.B. staff will begin entering contest for the April 2, 2013 election now.  

Candidates will be entered by G.A.B. staff after the January 2, 2013 filing deadline.  Clerks must send the G.A.B. a listing of certified candidates to appear on the Spring Election ballot as soon as possible after the ballot access and challenge deadline.  In the past, many clerks have simply sent us a sample ballot with the certified candidate names in proper ballot order.  Any February 2013 Primary Contests and Candidates will be entered as soon after the January filing deadline as possible.  All contests and candidates for the February 19, 2013 Spring Primary must be entered in SVRS by January 29, 2013, the deadline for municipal clerks to finalize ballots styles in SVRS (check Milestone 4).

Counties and Municipalities must set up all other county and local contests just as they have done in the past.  The entry of all county and local contests in SVRS is absolutely necessary in order for military voters to receive a complete and accurate ballot online through

After the contests have been forwarded to us and entered in SVRS, G.A.B. staff will contact the county clerk to confirm that the contests/candidates are correct. If you have questions regarding School District and Multi-Jurisdictional Judge District contests for the 2013 Spring Elections please contact Election Specialist Ann Oberle by email at, or by telephone at (608) 264-6764.  Thank you.