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Update -- 5 p.m.

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We've been in a slower voting period this afternoon, but voting is expected to pick up again after people get off work and finish supper.

Some fact and figures about voting in Wisconsin:

  • Wisconsin has 5.7 million residents, of which 4.38 million are of voting age.
  • Wisconsin had 3,515,230 registered voters on November 2, with many more registering today at the polling place -- something they've been able to do since 1976.
  •  The Government Accountability Board does not have a running total on turnout.
  • Turnout in 2008 was 2.98 million.
  • Turnout in 2004 was 3.02 million.
  • Turnout in the 2012 recall election in June was 2.6 million.
  • For this election, the G.A.B. is predicting turnout of approximately 3 million voters -- or 70 percent of eligible voters.
  • Wisconsin's elections are run by the 1,851 municipal clerks, 62 percent of which are part-time.
  • There will be approximately 30,000 election officials/poll workers on the job today.