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Voting continues to be strong

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At 12:30 p.m. -- Voter turnout in Wisconsin continues to be strong today, despite the precipitation in some parts of the state. The G.A.B. is predicting an overall turnout of 70 percent of eligible voters (approximately 3 million votes).

Generally, voters and observers are being well-behaved at the polls, and we are not hearing of any major problems. While there have been a few isolated issues with voting equipment malfunctions (jammed ballots, etc.), they are being addressed.

Our staff continues to be busy assisting people who are calling in with questions about voting.

We are hearing of a few businesses who have either been handing out food to people in line waiting to vote or offering deals to people who have already voted. While this has not been a widespread problem, it is illegal under Wisconsin law, and businesses should not do it.