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Impending Report Regarding Hand Count of Ballots from the June 5 Recall Election

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November 1, 2012
Wisconsin County Clerks
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Kevin Kennedy, director and general counsel
County Clerks Memo - Hand Count Report (10-31-2012).pdf37.21 KB

It appears the Wisconsin Wave and Hand Count Votes Now Coalition, who have been conducting post-election hand counts of select reporting units for the June 5 Recall Election are planning to release a report describing their findings sometime before Election Day.  In a Senate Committee hearing at the Capitol last Thursday, they made reference to several unsubstantiated conclusions that will raise questions about the integrity of the voting equipment that will be used in next week’s election, as well as those who program the equipment.  

The timing of the report is designed to draw attention to their issues.  It may also raise concerns among voters about whether their votes will count.  You should be prepared for press inquiries as well as questions from concerned citizens and from your respective governing boards.  We encourage you to contact the G.A.B. before responding to these inquiries.  

In preparation for the release of the report, we are asking you to share with us any observations you and your staff may have noted about the conduct of the hand count.  Upon release of the report, we are asking you to review any section related to you and provide us with comments specific to the report.  As far as we know, there has been no independent review of the methodology or the procedures the group followed in conducting the hand count or preparing their report, so your observations and comments will be very useful in assessing the validity of this report. Please send your comment and feedback to Ross Hein, Elections Supervisor at, and copy David Burger, Elections Specialist at  

Thank you for your immediate attention to this request, especially in light of the preparations for next week’s elections.