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New Videos - SVRS Basic Training Webinars

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October 18, 2012
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator

In an effort to serve our election partners more effectively, the Government Accountability Board has developed a new SVRS Basic Training Webinar series.  The series consists of five new training videos and are available online for viewing and distribution to interested parties.

Do you need to train office staff in SVRS data entry?  We have developed three step-by-step videos detailing data entry for both voter registration applications and absentee ballot applications.  Plus, do you need a quick tutorial on how to scan the poll book?  We have this topic covered too.  We also feature our Top Ten list for generating absentee ballot labels in SVRS.  Please visit the G.A.B. website for these new Webinar training additions.

SVRS Webinar Video Titles:

1.    Voter Applications: How to Enter Voter Applications into SVRS.

2.    Absentee Applications: How to Enter Absentee Applications into SVRS from:  
        The Main Absentee Applications Node & the Absentee Applications Node under an Election.

3.    Absentee Applications: How to Enter Absentee Applications into SVRS from:  
       The Voter Node & the Voter Application Node.

4.    The Poll Book: Recording Votes into SVRS.

5.    Top Ten List: What You Need to Know When Generating Absentee Ballots Labels in SVRS.

We hope you find the SVRS training webinars helpful.  We will continue to explore education, training    
and outreach modalities that are effective, can be delivered at a reduced cost and will provide uniform
instruction and training across the state.  

 cc:    Kevin J. Kennedy
         Director and General Counsel
         Government Accountability Board