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G.A.B. Statement on Benefits of Collecting Election Cost Data

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September 19, 2012
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
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Collecting data on the cost of elections is just as important of an election statistical result as statistics about voter turnout, absentee voting, and the election outcomes.  Election cost data helps to articulate and describe the complete picture of election administration in Wisconsin.  

Collecting election cost information:

  • Helps municipalities and counties convey the complete cost of conducting election to their respective chief executives, governing boards and voters.
  • Assists municipalities and counties in preparing and budgeting for elections.
  • Enables the G.A.B. to more accurately inform the State Legislature whenever G.A.B. is asked to perform fiscal impact statements on pending and enacted election-related legislation.
  • Enables the G.A.B. to inform the general public about the cost of conducting elections.
  • Enhances the usefulness and application of election cost data when used in conjunction with other available data.  For example, population statistics received from other State agencies, including the Wisconsin Department of Administration or the University of Wisconsin-Madison Population Laboratory, can add value to the potential uses of election cost data.  These data may be used to analyze the cost of elections based on the voting age population.
  • Assists municipalities and counties in predicting election costs based on voting trends and projected turnout.  Election cost information can also help identify potential cost savings.

If you have questions or comments, please contact the G.A.B. Help desk at (608) 261-2028, toll-free at (866) VOTEWIS (866-868-3947), or by email at  Or, you may contact Brian M. Bell, Elections Data Manager at (608) 261-2011, or by email at