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SVRS (Version 8.2.1) Installment Date: Sunday, July 29, 2012

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July 27, 2012
All SVRS Users
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
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SVRS (version 8.2.1) will be installed Sunday, July 29, 2012.  The new version of SVRS will help support the August 2012 election and includes updates to SVRS Reports, WEDCS, Canvass, the Provisional tracker, and the Outstanding Absentee tracker.

The following is a summary of the updates included in SVRS (version 8.2.1) and what clerks can expect to see as a result:

SVRS Reports

A new report is being provided to clerks to help reconcile elections.  The new WI Voter Participation - All Voters report will show all voters who voted in a given election, including merged out voters, moved out voters, voters with no district combo, etc. This report should be run in conjunction with the Vote Count by Voting Method report to verify that all voter participation has been correctly reported. 


The cost report section of the GAB-190 will now be in WEDCS.

  • The cost report will be listed at the top of the list for counties
  • The cost report will be listed after all reporting units for each municipality
  • If a municipality is in multiple counties, the cost report will be listed after all reporting units under the “MAIN” jurisdiction
  • The “Print Report” function for the cost section will not be available until the November election. If ready sooner, clerks will be notified. Until that time, the cost report can be printed using the internet browser’s printing capability
  • Every other line is highlighted/shaded to help clerks make sure they are entering information on the correct line.


  • A new Canvass Municipality Report – GAB 106 has been added for municipalities using the Canvass system.  This report will only print reporting units within your municipality.
  • The Canvass Report – GAB 106 has been updated.  If you select ALL in the Jurisdiction Type dropdown, the report will include the percent of reporting units complete for each contest.  This information appears after the Summary statement. To get a Certification Page for county or municipal contests, you can select County or Municipality for the Jurisdiction Type.  The report will now distinguish between zeros entered for a reporting unit by the clerk versus if nothing has been entered.  This report also allows you to print each result set that you have entered, or just the latest results.  Note that this report does not provide a certification page for State or Federal offices, only municipality or county offices.
  • County canvasses can now be run independently from one another.  In the past, all counties had to reach a certain phase (such as original, late arriving and provisional, recount) before any county could move to the next phase.
  • A new result set has been added for late arriving absentee and provisional ballots so that counties can report their original result set, and do a late arriving and provisional result set through the Canvass system.
  • For counties that upload files, they will be able to see the way that fields are mapped from their uploaded file to the Canvass system, to assist in troubleshooting upload issues.
  • School district referenda will now appear on the School District tab instead of the State tab.

Provisional Tracker

Several miscellaneous technical bug fixes are included in this version.

Outstanding Absentees Tracker

The Outstanding Absentee tracker has been updated so that you can select and update all reporting units at once for a given municipality if that municipality has zero outstanding absentee ballots.  

Updated SVRS Manual Chapters for WEDCS and Canvass

Updated chapters of the SVRS Training Manual for WEDCS and Canvass are being developed to give clerks complete instructions on these new changes.  The manual chapters will be posted to the Training area of the G.A.B. website by Monday, August 13, 2012.  Clerk are encouraged to refer to these new materials and replace their old materials.

Click and Mail

A communication regarding Click and Mail will be sent to clerks next week.  As you may recall, Click and Mail is a new service that allows voters to fill out a voter registration application on the Voter Public Access (VPA) website.  After answering the questions on VPA, the voter can print off a neatly typed voter registration application which they can mail in or deliver it to the clerk’s office or polling place.  The upcoming communication will inform clerks when Click and Mail will become available, and will include a clerk training guide.  A Click and Mail webinar for clerks will also be held the week of August 20, 2012.  Watch for additional information regarding Click and Mail.

If you need further information, please contact the G.A.B. Help Desk at ( 608) 261-2028, or  Thank you.