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Recall Senate Districts - Assisting Voters at the Polling Place

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April 24, 2012
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
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With the May 8, 2012 Recall Primary fast approaching, we would like to provide clerks tips and suggestions that they can share with their Election Inspectors to help answer voter questions at the polls regarding which offices they are eligible to vote for.

Voter Questions Regarding Recall Senate Districts

We understand that some voters will have questions on whether they are within or outside of a Recall Senate District.  While all voters in the state can vote for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, only those voters that currently reside within one of the Recall Senate Districts can vote in a Recall Senate Election. 

If your municipality is wholly within or wholly outside of a Recall Senate District, these questions will be easier to answer.  For municipalities that are partially within and partially outside of one or more Recall Senate Districts, the answer may be a bit more complex. 

The following circumstances impacted how voters were assigned to the Recall Senate Districts and may be helpful when answering voter questions regarding their district assignments: 

  • Voters who have moved out of the Recall Senate Districts are no longer eligible to vote in the Recall Senate elections, even if they voted in the prior Senate election.  Similarly, voters who have moved into the Recall Senate Districts are eligible to vote in the Recall Senate elections, even if they did not vote in the prior Senate election.
  • In rare cases, some voters may have previously voted in a Recall Senate District but were, in fact, not eligible to do so at that time.  This is most likely due to the voter being assigned to the improper Senate District when they originally voted.  These voters have been corrected in SVRS and will be designated on the poll list to receive a ballot containing only the statewide elections.  To be clear, these voters ARE NOT eligible to vote in the 2012 Senate Recall elections.  We encourage you to contact the G.A.B. if you have voters in this situation.   
  • In other rare cases, there may be a legitimate error in SVRS that needs to be corrected.  Election inspectors are strongly encouraged to contact their municipal clerk for further clarification. 
  • The G.A.B. Help Desk will be staffed with extended hours on Election Day and will also have Redistricting staff dedicated to helping answer Recall Senate District questions.
  • Please note that voting (or not being eligible to vote) in a particular Senate District in the past does not guarantee eligibility (or ineligibility) in these Senate Recall Elections.

Municipalities Both In and Out of a Recall Senate District

For the seventeen municipalities partially within and partially outside of the Recall Senate Districts, special materials were provided to help verify voters’ district assignments.  These materials will also be very helpful to your Election Inspectors, particularly for Election Day Registrants.  We strongly recommend that you provide each of your polling places with the following materials:

  • The Address Span reports provided by the G.A.B. that list which addresses are in or out of the Recall Senate Districts. 
  • The Voter Listing for Redistricting with Recall Senate District reports provided by the G.A.B. that list which individual voters are in or out of the Recall Senate Districts.
  • Maps that you may have available in your office of the 2002 Senate District lines in your municipality.  For those municipalities that have portions within or outside of the Recall Senate Districts due to annexations, maps of your municipal boundaries as of 2002 may also be helpful to your Election Inspectors.
  • A copy of this memorandum.

Election Preparedness

All clerks who are self-providers and providers on behalf of reliers are strongly encouraged to check their data quality in SVRS prior to printing poll books in order to ensure the most updated and accurate district assignments for all voters.  To prepare for the Recall Primary, please consider the following helps, hints, and tools:

  • Please review ALL of your district combos -- not just those that include the new Recall Senate District.  Ensure that the district combos are tied to the correct districts.  Please review the maps to ensure the geography is correct.  Double check any flags that are outside of the map area. 
  • Ensure that you have no voters remaining without a district combo.  Also, review any remaining address boundary and geocode exceptions.  This is particularly important after you have completed entering your Election Day Registrations from the April election.
  • Voters and the Public can review their information on the VPA website,  VPA will clearly display voters and addresses that are included in a Recall Senate District.

We understand the workload and time constraints all clerks are working under for these Recall Elections, and we appreciate the effort and integrity that you have all put forward during this challenging period.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact the G.A.B. Help Desk at, or 608-261-2028.  Thank you.

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