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SVRS 2012 Spring Election Checklist III

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Timely Attention Required
April 4, 2012
All SVRS Users
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
SVRS 2012 Spring Election Checklist III.pdf28.8 KB
  • The SVRS Checklist #3 for the February 2012 primary has been posted to the G.A.B. website as an attachment to this memorandum (see above).   Several updates have been made to reflect new post-election procedures.
  • Clerks must post the number of outstanding absentee ballots on the internet and in their office after the close of polls on Election Day.  This requirement stems from Act 115, signed into law on February 17, 2012.   
  • Clerks must now log all provisional ballots in the new Provisional Ballot Tracking System on Election Night.  Instructions on this system can be found by following the link in the checklist.

If you have questions on post-election activities in SVRS, please contact the Help Desk at
608-261-2028, or by email at  Thank you.