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Injunction Regarding Wisconsin Act 23 - Voter Photo Identification Legislation Impact

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March 9, 2012
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
Clerks Memo (Impact of VoterPhotoID Court Injunction 03 08 12) v 2.pdf86.62 KB
  • On Tuesday afternoon, March 6, 2012, Dane County Circuit Court Judge David Flanagan ordered the Government Accountability Board to “cease immediately any effort to enforce or implement the photo identification requirements of 2011 Wisconsin Act 23, pending trial of this case and further order of the court.” 

  • Until further notice, we are taking all necessary and required steps to suspend enforcement and implementation of the Voter Photo ID provisions of Wisconsin Act 23. 

  • The purpose of this communication is to share our initial interpretation with Local Election Officials and election administration partners, and the general public, our customers, of the ruling and its impact. 

  • Only some of Wisconsin Act 23 provisions are enjoined by the Court’s Order; not all.

  • The memorandum attached above contains detailed information about which provisions of  Wisconsin Act 23 are affected by the Judge’s ruling and which are not.

  • The first version of this memo contained an error regarding the applicability of student photo identification cards for proof of residence. A corrected Version 2 was posted on March 9, 2012. Please discard the original and use Version 2.

  • Only the provisions in Bold/Italics are the ones that are enjoined by the Court’s Order. 

  • Additional information will be forthcoming from the Government Accountability Board’s staff.

As needed, please contact the Help Desk at, or (608) 261-2028. 

Thank you.