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Updated Key Changes to SVRS for Photo ID

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February 10, 2012
All SVRS Users
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
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On January 27, 2012, G.A.B. staff announced to all SVRS users that new updates had been installed in SVRS to support Wisconsin Act 23, the Voter Photo ID Law.  A “Key Changes” document was released outlining the updates that were made to SVRS to assist clerks in compliance with this new law.

Based on feedback from municipal and county clerks, and continued testing of the new SVRS functions, the “Key Changes” document has been updated and clarified, to more accurately reflect the way SVRS is currently functioning. 

G.A.B. staff will continue to tweak the SVRS functionality based on feedback from clerks and as a result of testing.  We will continue to update the “Key Changes” documentation as updates are made so that clerks will have up-to-date and accurate documentation on the features of SVRS that support the new Photo ID Law.  Watch for more updates on the following:

  • Tracking Provisional Ballots in SVRS (required for the February 2012 Primary)
  • Updates to Reports and Mailings

We thank you again for your patience and cooperation as we continue to improve SVRS and provide you with the tools you need to implement the Photo ID Law.  Please contact the G.A.B. Help Desk at, or (608) 261-2028 if you have questions.

cc:    Kevin J. Kennedy
    Director and General Counsel
    Government Accountability Board

    Ross D. Hein
    Elections Supervisor
    Government Accountability Board