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Certification of Nomination in Ballot Order for April 3, 2012 Presidential Preference Vote - Presidential Only Ballots

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Timely Attention Required
February 3, 2012
Wisconsin County Clerks
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Diane Lowe, Lead Elections Specialist
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On January 3, 2012 the Presidential Preference Selection Committee met to select candidates for the Presidential Preference Vote.  Eight candidates were initially selected (1 Democrat and 7 Republicans).  As permitted by law, one Republican candidate filed a disclaimer with the Government Accountability Board by January 31, 2012, to withdraw his name from the Presidential Preference Ballot.  The Certificate of Nomination for Presidential Preference Vote, in ballot order, is included with this memorandum.  Note:  The party order is Republican first, followed by Democratic.

Important Reminders About the April 3, 2012 Presidential Preference Vote

Reporting Units for the April 3 Spring Election May Not Cross Congressional District Lines.

The Government Accountability Board is required to report the results of the Presidential Preference Vote by congressional district.  Therefore, because the 2012 Spring Election is conducted in conjunction with the Presidential Preference Vote, reporting units for this election may not cross congressional districts.  For example, if ward 1 is in congressional district X, and ward 2 is in congressional district Y, wards 1 and 2 may not be combined; wards 1 and 2 must be reported separately.  Please keep this in mind when preparing ballots and setting up your election for the April 3, 2012 Spring Election and Presidential Preference Vote.

Presidential Preference Absentee Ballots for Military and Overseas Voters

Municipal clerks are required to send a Presidential Preference Absentee Ballot to Military and Overseas Voters (who have a request on file) 47 days before the April 3 election (February 15, 2012).  This is not a write-in ballot.  It is an official ballot listing only the office of President.  If the request is made after February 15, the ballot must be sent within one day of the request.  A sample Presidential Preference Vote ballot for this purpose (GAB-204) is located at

County Clerks must prepare this ballot and deliver it to the municipal clerks no later than February 14, 2012.

A paper, hand-count ballot is fine for this purpose.  However, if you would rather make the Presidential Preference Only ballot an optical scan-style ballot so that your equipment can be programmed to read it, you may do so. Per Act 75, there is no longer a state-write in absentee ballot. The functionality to issue a Presidential Preference ballot in SVRS is the same as it was to issue a state-wide write in absentee ballot. If you have questions, please refer to the SVRS manual.

When the official Spring Election and Presidential Preference Ballots are prepared, municipal clerk will send military voters, who were previously sent a Presidential Preference Only ballot, an official ballot.  Overseas voters can only vote for national office.  Therefore, they do not receive a second ballot. Presidential preference only ballots may either be remade by two election inspectors to be counted by electronic voting equipment or may be hand-counted on Election Day, if the official spring election ballot has not been received.

If you have any questions concerning this memorandum, please contact the Customer Service Center at 608-261-2028 or  Thank you.

cc:    Kevin Kennedy
    Director and General Counsel
    Government Accountability Board

    Nathaniel E. Robinson
    Elections Division Administrator
    Government Accountability Board

    Ross Hein
    Elections Supervisor
    Government Accountability Board