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Ineligible Voter List for the February 21, 2012 Spring Primary

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Timely Attention Required
January 27, 2012
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Nathaniel E. Robinson
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The Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.), Elections Division is providing an Ineligible Voter List only to the municipalities that will conduct a February 21, 2012 Spring Primary. 

If you do not have a Spring Primary please read the “Special Note” below announcing that starting with the April 3, 2012 Presidential Preference and Spring Election, an online version of Ineligible Voter Lists will replace the printed versions that we currently distribute. 

Municipalities conducting a Spring Primary will be sent the following:

  •  Printed Ineligible Voter Lists with Instructions for polling places in your county, based upon the number    requested.
  •  Printed Ineligible Voter List Polling Place Instructions for each municipality and the county.
  •  Printed Ineligible List Clerk Instructions per municipality and one for the county.
  •  The Ineligible Voter Lists will also be provided in a new online format.  Instructions for the online lists will be sent in a separate document.  The online lists replace the CD that has been sent in previous elections.

Please distribute the printed lists and instructions to your municipalities for preparing poll books and verifying voter information at the polling place on February 21, 2012, Spring Primary Election Day.
SPECIAL NOTE: The 2012 Spring Primary Election will be the last election where the G.A.B. will provide printed Ineligible Voter Lists.  For elections held after the February 21, 2012 Spring Primary, Ineligible Voter Lists will be provided online for clerks to print on demand in a manner similar how the Poll Lists are produced.  This change will allow the G.A.B. to provide more up to date Ineligible Voter Lists for all elections.  Additional information about the new online Ineligible Voter Lists will be shared before the April 3, 2012 Presidential Preference and Spring Election.

Clerks with questions should contact the G.A.B. Help Desk at (608) 261-2028, or  Thank you.