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Milestone #3 Checked in SVRS for July 12, 2011 Primary Election

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Timely Attention Required
June 21, 2011
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
SVRS Recall Memo #2.pdf41.42 KB

Clerks in Senate Districts:
#2 (Cowles),
#14 (Olsen),
#8 (Darling),
#18 (Hopper),
#10 (Harsdorf),
#32 (Kapanke)

Clerks in Omro School District
Clerks in Assembly District #48

The G.A.B. has checked Milestone #3 for the July 12, 2011 Primary Recall Elections July 12, 2011 Primary Special Election. Please read the full memo.

Scheduled Primary Recall Elections for July 12

  • There are two Democratic candidates for each senate district and six Democratic candidates for the assembly district. They have been added to SVRS and should appear with “Approved-Approved” Status.
  • County Clerks should check Milestone #3 after they verify that all contests and candidates appear correctly in the election. After verification, they should notify municipal self-provider clerks to do the same.
  • Absentee ballot labels can be generated for official absentee ballots after Milestone #4 is checked at the municipal level.
  • If your municipality is not completely in the election district, a filter must be used when generating absentee ballot labels to limit the issuance to just the voters that should get an absentee ballot.

Please refer to the memorandum of June 10, 2011, “Status of Special and Recall Elections in SVRS”, for information regarding inheriting the election. Be sure to choose the district that is in your county. State Senate District 18 is visible to users outside of the district due to the Omro School District Referendum.

If there are other contests that are on the July 12 ballot, I ask that you contact Angie Steinhauer at (608) 264-6763, or to set up the contest in SVRS.

State Write-In absentee ballots should not be sent for the July 12 Primary Elections. Official absentee ballots should be sent for the July 12 Primary Elections as soon as they are available.

If you have questions, please contact the G.A.B. Help Desk at (608) 261-2028, or via email at Thank you.