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Photo ID Law Update #2 Changes to Election Process Effective Immediately

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Timely Attention Required
June 21, 2011
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Nathaniel E. Robinsion, Elections Division Administrator
Major Impacts of Photo ID for 2011.pdf119.06 KB
Voter Photo ID Law Handout rev 6.24.11.pdf18.67 KB
Polling Place Voting Step-by-Step for All Elections Prior to 2012 February Primary.pdf107.03 KB
Sample Poll List with Signature Page.pdf64.24 KB

The first update on the new Voter Photo ID law was posted to our website on June 10, 2011, titled
“Photo ID Law Update #1: Changes to the Election Process Effective Immediately.”  We will continue to number all future updates sequentially for your convenience.  All Updates will continue to be posted on our website so we encourage you to review our website regularly.

In response to the recent passage of 2011 Wisconsin Act 23, the Photo ID Law, G.A.B. staff are focusing only on those provisions in the new law that must be applied to the 2011 July and August summer recall and special elections.  We will concentrate on implementing the provisions that become effective in  2012, after this summer’s election process is concluded.

On two occasions staff met with the Wisconsin Election Administration Council (WI-EAC) and with municipal and county clerks to solicit feedback and recommendations on election forms and policy documents for complying with the new law.

Please note that the revisions in the attached documents address only the requirements for elections held prior to the Spring February 2012 Primary Election.  Additional changes may be made in order to fully comply with the Photo ID law beginning with the February 2012 Primary.  The following forms and policy document are attached to this update or are linked to:

  1. Major Impacts of Photo ID for 2011 (Attached)
  2. Voter Photo ID Law Document (Suggested to be given to all voters on Election Day) (Attached) Revised 6-24-11
  3. Polling Place Voting Step-By-Step for All Elections Prior to 2012 February Primary (Attached)
  4. Sample Poll List with Signature Page (Attached)
  5. Inspectors’ Statement (GAB-104), Inspectors’ Statement for Multiple Voting Systems (GAB-104m) (Links)
  6. Challenge Documentation (GAB-104c) (Link)
  7. Supplemental Poll List (GAB-107) (Link)
  8. Inspectors’ Certificate of Provisional Ballots (GAB-108) (Link)
  9. Voter Qualification Poster (GAB-115) (Link)
  10. Application for Absentee Ballot (GAB-121) (Link)
  11. Standard Absentee Certificate Envelope (GAB-122), Not Away Absentee Certificate Envelope (GAB-122m), Away Absentee Certificate Envelope (GAB-122m) (Links)
  12. Provisional Certificate Envelope (GAB-123) (Link)
  13. Voter Registration Application (GAB-131) (Link)

Effective immediately and going forward, these revised forms and documents need to be used by municipal clerks from this date.  Many of you probably have a stockpile of forms such as the Absentee Certificate Envelope.  You may use up your old stock by simply crossing out the old 10-day resident requirement and add “later than 28 days.”  Or, you may place a sticker containing the new language over the old language. 

In addition, effective immediately, the revised Absentee Application should be used by absentee electors going forward.  If an absentee elector makes a request using the old form, the absentee request must be honored and will not affect the absentee ballot status. 

The revised Voter Registration Application (GAB-131) must be used immediately by all voters going forward.  Any former versions of the GAB-131 may not used.

We realize a lot of new information is being shared with you within a short period of time.  We appreciate your patience, and we appreciate your dedication to the electoral process during this abnormally busy time period. 

If you have questions regarding this Update, the attached documents, the Photo ID law or our planned implementation process, please contact our Help Desk at or (608) 261-2028.  Thank you.

cc:    Kevin J. Kennedy
        Director and General Counsel
        Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

        Ross D. Hein
        Elections Supervisor
        Wisconsin Government Accountability Board