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G.A.B. Approves Candidates for Recall and Special Elections

June 17, 2011

MADISON, WI – The Government Accountability Board today approved the ballot placement and order for candidates running in six State Senate recall elections as well as the 48th Assembly District special election.  A primary will be required in each district on July 12th because more than one challenger has been approved to be placed on the ballot to seek the Democratic Party nomination.

The candidates approved for ballot access in each district are as follows:

In State Senate District 2, currently represented by Sen. Robert Cowles, candidates Nancy J. Nusbaum and Otto C. Junkermann were approved.

In State Senate District 8, currently represented by Sen. Alberta Darling, candidates Gladys Huber and Sandra K. Pasch were approved.

In State Senate District 10, currently represented by Sen. Sheila Harsdorf, candidates Shelly Moore and Isaac Weix were approved.

In State Senate District 14, currently represented by Sen. Luther Olsen, candidates Rol Church and Fred Clark were approved.

In State Senate District 18, currently represented by Sen. Randy Hopper, candidates Jessica King and John D. Buckstaff were approved.

In State Senate District 32, currently represented by Sen. Dan Kapanke, candidates James D. Smith and Jennifer Schilling were approved.

There will be no Republican Party primary in any of the senate districts.  The incumbent in each district will face the winner of the Democratic Primary in the recall election on August 9th.  Three candidates submitted sufficient signatures on nomination papers but did not file the required statement of economic interests and under state law those candidates’ names cannot be placed on the ballot.  Those candidates were Mert Summers in the 2nd District, Nicholas Brehm in the 8th District, and Robert Forseth in the 14th District.

In the 48th Assembly District, vacated due to the resignation of Rep. Joe Parisi, candidates Vicky Selkowe, Bethany Ordaz, Chris Taylor, Fred Arnold, Andy Heidt, and Dave de Felice were approved as candidates in the Democratic Party Primary on July 12th. 
The deadline for the Board to receive any challenges to nomination papers was 4:30 p.m. today.  No challenges were received and therefore it will not be necessary for the Board to meet on Monday, June 20, as previously scheduled.

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