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Court Status Hearing Update

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At 11:30 a.m. Friday, Judge Neiss held a status conference on Waukesha County's progress in the recount.

Waukesha County Corporation Counsel Tom Farley said the Board of Canvassers is making significant additional progress on the recount now that it has been moved to a larger room. 

Judge Niess had originally extended the recount deadline to May 26. Farley said he now hopes Waukesha County's recount can be completed by Friday, May 20, or by Monday, May 23.  He also reported that they are finishing the city of Waukesha, and about 80,000 of the approximately 125,000 votes cast have been recounted so far.  He predicted that the speed will increase as the Board of Canvassers recounts larger municipalities, and less downtime occurs between reporting units.