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Day One Summary

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Day One of the statewide recount for Supreme Court Justice went smoothly.

G.A.B. staff fielded and answered many questions from clerks.  Questions asked more than once are being posted to the website under the Recount Questions and Answers section on this page.  There were questions about voting equipment and how to process ballots.

Staff also dealt with concerns raised by the Prosser and Kloppenburg campaigns, all of which were resolved by boards of canvassers in the counties where they were raised.

Recounts will start on Thursday in Chippewa and Menominee counties, which were delayed Wednesday.  (See previous post.)

Clerks will be sending reports to the G.A.B. each night, telling us which wards they counted and what the vote totals are for those wards.  We will be posting updated vote totals on this page under Recount Daily Updates in a spreadsheet twice daily: at 6 p.m. and again at noon the following day.  Remember, these numbers are unofficial.