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Process for Ballots Set Aside

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QUESTION:  For optical scan ballots that are will be tabulated by electronic voting equipment (Optech Eagle excluded) what are the processes for ballots that are set aside?

   Ballots that are set aside would include ballots that may not be recorded correctly by the tabulator or are objected to by the candidate representative.  These ballots would be marked as exhibits and documented in the minutes.  Ballots that contain an undervote or overvote for the office of Supreme Court should also be set aside.  You may note the number of overvotes/undervotes for each reporting unit in your minutes, but are not required to do so.  Ballots that are set aside because the voter did not complete the arrow or oval completely or marked an "X" (situation where the tabulator may not record the ballot properly) will be counted by hand and should be noted in the minutes and marked as an exhibit.

Answer modified April 28.