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Statement on Recall Committee Registrations

February 22, 2011

The Government Accountability Board has received campaign registration statements for the recall of eight Wisconsin State Senators, filed by American Recall Coalition in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The districts and Senators are:

•    District 4 – Senator Lena Taylor
•    District 6 – Senator Spencer Coggs
•    District 12 – Senator Jim Holperin
•    District 16 – Senator Mark Miller
•    District 22 – Senator Robert Wirch
•    District 24 – Senator Julie Lassa
•    District 26 – Senator Fred Risser
•    District 30 – Senator Dave Hansen

The registrations were filed electronically between February 18 and 21.  American Recall Coalition must file paper copies of the registration statements.  Those registration statements also must contain the names and signatures of one qualified elector from each of the Senate districts, something the initial electronic registrations did not contain.

The electronic filing of these recall registrations starts the clock on a 60-day period during which the organizers may collect signatures from qualified electors in each of the districts.  To trigger a recall election, a petition must contain signatures of qualified electors equal to at least 25 percent of the vote cast for the office of Governor at the last gubernatorial election in the district.  A spreadsheet containing all the votes for Governor is available on the G.A.B. website.  Additional information about recalls may be found at that link.

Once signed recall petitions have been filed with the G.A.B., a 31-day period begins for the Board staff to determine the sufficiency of the petitions.  If the petitions are found to be sufficient, a recall election would be ordered in approximately six weeks.  The incumbent would automatically be on the ballot, unless he or she chooses to resign.  Other candidates may register to run in the recall election.  In the event more than two candidates compete, a primary would be held on the original date of the recall election, with the recall election held four weeks later.

Attached below are the "draft" registrations by American Recall Coalition.  Once the group files the appropriate signed paper copies, they will be listed in the Campaign Finance Information System.

For more information, contact: 

Reid Magney, public information officer, 608-267-7887

American Recall Coalition - 4-6-22-24-26.pdf223.97 KB
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