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Working List of Voter Photo ID Policy and Implementation Issues

A.  Required Form of Identification

1.    What type of Photo ID will be accepted, i.e. driver license or DOT-issued ID, government (municipal, state, federal) issued ID, passport, military ID, university/college student ID, other?

2.    How must the name on the Photo ID conform to the name on the voter list?  Must it be exact, or a variation?

3.    How will the legislation affect women, who are statistically more likely to have a name change?

4.    Should the focus of the Photo ID legislation be on the voter’s picture, or should it also require that the voter’s current address be shown on the ID?  If a current address is required, what are the practical implications for a voter whose driver license lists a prior address?

5.    Should the legislation require that the Photo ID be current?

6.    Should the legislation create an exemption from the Photo ID requirement for certain categories of voters such as persons with disabilities, who are home-bound, live in nursing homes or are homeless?  Should an exemption also be available for voters who object to being photographed based on religious, historical or cultural grounds?  Should a certificate or affidavit be permitted in lieu of a Photo ID and if so, under what circumstances? 

7.    How does the legislation address the issues created by the pending implementation of Real ID and access to supporting documents required by Real ID legislation?

B.  Voting Process Issues

8.    How will the Photo ID requirement be implemented at the polling place?  What action should election inspectors take if they conclude that the photo does not resemble the voter?

9.    What record-keeping, if any, is required?  Should poll lists include a space to indicate the type of Photo ID presented?  Should voters be required to sign their name on poll books?

10.    What failsafe procedures, such as provisional ballots or voter affidavits, should be available to voters who do not present a Photo ID?

11.    What is the anticipated impact of a Photo ID requirement on the number of provisional ballots issued?  What amount of time should be allowed to cure any deficiency due to the lack of a Photo ID?  What impact would a significantly greater number of provisional ballots have on election staffing and on the canvass process, including for primary elections?

12.    Will a Photo ID be required for single-election absentee voters and/or permanent absentee voters, or for mail-in or in-person absentee voters?  What procedures will be followed by election officials for implementing Photo ID for absentee voting?

13.    Will a Photo ID be required for confidential voters?

C.  Financial Costs

14.    What are the initial and ongoing costs of training Local Election Officials regarding the Photo ID requirements and procedures, including the cost to revise and amend training materials, and for Board staff to conduct training throughout the State?
15.    What are the initial and ongoing costs of conducting a comprehensive statewide public awareness and education campaign regarding new Photo ID requirements and procedures?

16.    What are the initial and ongoing costs to the DOT related to providing Photo IDs required by this legislation?

D.  Implementation Schedule

17.    What is the most optimal and feasible effective date for Photo ID legislation in the election cycle (i.e. April 2011, February or April 2012, September or November 2012)?

18.    Will the Photo ID legislation provide a specific grant of authority for rule-making, and will the effective date provide sufficient time for rule-making?