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G.A.B. Announces New Officers

January 14, 2010

MADISON, WI – The Government Accountability Board has selected new officers, as required by state law.
At its meeting January 14, Judge William Eich was chosen as Board Chair, Judge Gordon Myse was chosen as Vice Chair, and Judge Thomas Barland was chosen as Secretary of the Board for 2010.

The G.A.B. is comprised of six non-partisan, former Wisconsin judges. Under state law, the Board’s leadership is chosen by lot at its first meeting in January each year. Judge Michael Brennan, who served as Board Chair in 2009, drew Judge Eich’s name. Judge Brennan, as the immediate past Chair, transferred the gavel to Judge Eich, who drew the names for the remaining two offices. In 2009, Judge Eich served as Vice Chair and Judge Gerald Nichol served as Secretary.

Also Thursday, Board members decided to forego their per diem payments for the January meeting in support of the staff’s participation in the state furlough requirements.

The Board will meet eight times in 2010. Its next meeting will be a two-day meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 23 and 24. Additional meetings have been scheduled for May 10, July 21 and 22, August 30, September 13, October 11 and December 13.

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