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Improvements to Canvass Reporting System and Certification Instructions

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October 29, 2010
Wisconsin County Clerks
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Diane Lowe, Lead Elections Specialist, Government Accountability Board
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On Monday, October 11, 2010, the Government Accountability Board approved the Canvass Reporting System Protocol effective with the November 2, 2010 Election.  The approved protocol was emailed to you on October 20, 2010, and is also posted on the Recent Clerk Communications page of the G.A.B. website.  The unanimous adoption of this protocol requires county clerks to report state and federal election results via the Canvass Reporting System and to certify results to the G.A.B. using the specific certification report as directed in this memo.

In late September, staff met with county clerks at the WCCA Fall Conference in Milwaukee and received valuable feedback with respect to the usability of the Canvass Reporting System and excellent suggestions to improve its functionality.  Staff has incorporated the technical suggestions that improve movement through the system and make it easier to use.  A list of system enhancements appears at the end of this memorandum. 

The process for canvass entry (whether by hand entry or upload) into the system has not changed since the September Primary.  However, the procedure for certification to the G.A.B. has been modified.  In order to address the objection that the printed reports require too much paper, and to effect faster certification transmission, the requirement to print and submit the voluminous tabular statement has been eliminated.

The “Reports” Screen Has a New Look

The “Reports” screen of the Canvass Reporting System has been reorganized.  All of the reports are still there, but they have been rearranged into two columns:  “For Use by Clerks” and “For Use by G.A.B.”  Within the “For Use by Clerks” column are the subheadings Pre-Election Reports and Post Election Reports.

At the very top of the “For Use by Clerks Column,” is a new report called Federal/State Office Certification Report for G.A.B.  This is the certification report you will generate for submission to G.A.B.  The report consists of only the Summary Statement and the Certification of the Board of Canvassers. 

Certification Instructions

1)    When you have completed the entry of election results, and all necessary amendments have been made, print the Federal/State Office Certification Report for G.A.B. for your Board of Canvassers to sign.

2)    Once it is signed, scan the entire document (summary statement and certification) and email it to the G.A.B. at

3)    Immediately mail the original signed document (summary statement and signed certification) to the G.A.B. at P.O. Box 7984, Madison, WI  53707-7984.

4)    Print the Tabular Statement and retain with your copy of the Summary Statement and Certification.

We hope this certification procedure will improve your canvass reporting experience as well as expedite G.A.B. staff’s ability to certify quickly.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.  If you have questions, please contact me.

Cc:    Kevin J. Kennedy
         Director and General Counsel
         Government Accountability Board

         Nathaniel E. Robinson
         Elections Division Administrator
         Government Accountability Board


System Enhancements since September 2010

1)    County file upload changes:
        a)    Fix county XPS upload issue.
        b)    LST upload corrected when additional spaces are present in the file.
2)    Exception reports now filter by county

3)    Diary comments scrolling issue repaired

4)    Created new report from certification summary without details.

5)    Condense page breaks to lessen size of reports.

6)    Add button to make all blanks into zeros on tabular statement

7)    Add “per-office” totals to ward by ward reports

8)    Repeat office title/candidates names header row at beginning of each page

9)    Change order of reports

10)    Enable down/up arrows on entry screen

11)    List fields missing, default to zero

12)    The Canvass system “next” feature will save changes as well

13)    Provide Canvass support on and after the November Election