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Election Officials Are Prepared for Election Day – Are You?

October 25, 2010

MADISON, WI – The Government Accountability Board reminds voters to be prepared for Election Day on Tuesday, November 2.

“State and local election officials are prepared for a strong turnout of voters, but we want citizens to know that there are easy ways for them to prepare as well,” said Kevin Kennedy, Wisconsin’s chief election officer. “Preparing for Election Day helps make sure that every eligible Wisconsin voter is able to vote as easily as possible.”

The Board suggests four things to voters to prepare for Election Day:

  • Check your voter registration status by using Voter Public Access at, or call your municipal clerk’s office.
  • Find your polling place location using Voter Public Access, or call your municipal clerk’s office. A directory of clerks is at
  • If you plan to register at the polling place, you should know your driver license or state ID number (or if you do not have one, your Social Security number) and bring proof of residence.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as voters, and remember what conduct and attire are permissible at polling places in Wisconsin.

“Voters should not wear political attire that brings undue attention to them or could cause a disturbance in the polling place,” said Nat Robinson, Elections Division administrator. “Election officials will not allow any advocacy or attire that creates a disturbance, or could constitute electioneering.”

Voters with language and physical limitations that may make voting difficult may seek assistance from voting officials at the polling place, or may bring someone to assist them in the voting booth. Electors with physical disabilities that would impede their voting inside the polling place may also vote “curbside” at any polling location.

“Wisconsin has a long history of fair and open elections,” said Kennedy. “But taking a few minutes to check over their materials and rights before leaving the house can save voters time and frustration at the polling place.”

Voters are now required to use their Wisconsin driver’s license number to register to vote, or a Wisconsin Identification Card issued by the Department of Transportation, or voters may use the last four digits of their Social Security number if they do not have a state driver’s license (or state ID card). In addition, Election Day registration requires voters to prove they have lived in Wisconsin for 10 days, so a current document – such as a lease, utility bill or other related documents which include current address – is needed to show proof of residence. A list of acceptable proof-of-residence documents is available at

The state has more than 25,000 trained poll workers prepared for a large turnout, and local election officials also have ordered extra ballots. Voters should anticipate a smooth process at polling places, open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
To learn more about voting procedures voters should visit the G.A.B. website at

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