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Order to Preserve Election Records from 2008 General Election

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High Priority
September 9, 2010
Wisconsin County Clerks
Wisconsin Municipal Clerks
City of Milwaukee Election Commission
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Michael R. Haas, Staff Counsel, Government Accountability Board
Order re retention of 2008 election records.pdf156.5 KB

The Government Accountability Board has issued an order to preserve certain election records from the November 2008 General Election which is attached below.  This order does not affect the destruction of ballots from that election, and does not affect your preparation for the September Partisan Primary.

  • After reviewing records in the Wisconsin and Minnesota statewide voter registration systems, the Board has referred a number of potential voter fraud cases to district attorneys for further investigation and prosecution, involving residents who appear to have voted in both states at the November 2008 General Election.  The Board is also initiating similar joint efforts with other surrounding states.
  • Under current statutes, certain election records may be destroyed after 22 months from the 20008 General Election.  The Board has been advised by district attorneys that it may be necessary to have access to original election and voter records to successfully prosecute voter fraud cases, requiring those records to be retained beyond the 22-month retention date.
  • The Board's order requires that local election officials retain the following original election records related to the 2008 General Election until further notice of the Board:  voter registration forms, poll lists, absentee ballot applications, absentee ballot certificate envelopes, absentee voter logs, and GAB-104 Inspectors' Statements.  The order does not require retention of ballots.

Thank you for your continued cooperation and please contact us if you have any questions.