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Checklist II for the September 2010 Partisan Primary

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September 8, 2010
All SVRS Users
Nathaniel E. Robinson, Elections Division Administrator
SVRS 2010 Partisan Primary Checklist II Final.pdf77.67 KB
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Checklist II for the September Partisan Primary is now available, and is attached at the bottom of this memo. This checklist covers activities from the close of registration through the Partisan Primary Election Day.

  • Note that voter registration closed on August 25, 2010.  Voters after the close of registration can only register in person at the clerk’s office or at the polling place on Election Day, and must show proof of residence . 
  • Clerks should make sure that poll books do not cross Assembly, State Senate, and/or Congressional District lines.  Poll books should follow Reporting Units which cannot contain more than one Assembly, State Senate, or Congressional district.  Polling Place Assignment Plans must be set up to match the Reporting Unit Plans in SVRS.

 As you know, Checklist II is normally sent at the close of registration.  I would like to take a moment to apologize to our valued clerk partners that Board staff was not able to distribute it at that time.  Board staff was unfortunately occupied with the announcement of the Department of Defense denial of Wisconsin’s waiver request for the MOVE Act and subsequent negotiations with the US Department of Justice over the last few weeks.  Consequently, Checklist II did not go out at the scheduled time.  I apologize for any inconvenience that this delay has caused. 

At this time, I would like to announce that we have revised the SVRS Election Checklist process for the November 2010 General Election, to make the checklist process simpler and more efficient for clerks. 

  • A new Checklist I for the General Election was sent to SVRS Users on July 29, 2010, when the November Election was set up in SVRS by G.A.B. 
  • A new Checklist II for the General Election will be sent out in October after Milestone 3 has been checked in SVRS for the November Election by G.A.B. 
  • Checklist III for the General Election will be sent after Election Day, as usual.  


We hope this change helps keep clerks better informed regarding the election set-up done by the G.A.B., and make the process as clear as possible.  We look forward to your feedback on the new process and new checklists being used for November General Election. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation.  We look forward to a successful September Partisan Primary! 


            cc:        Kevin J. Kennedy

                        Director and General Counsel

                        Government Accountability Board


                        Barbara A. Hansen

                        SVRS Director 

                        Wisconsin Government Accountability Board