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G.A.B. Launches New Web Site

June 1, 2010

MADISON, WI – To better serve the public, the Government Accountability Board is launching a new web site today at

The G.A.B. was created in 2007 by merging two independent agencies: the State Elections Board and the State Ethics Board.  The new web site combines the formerly separate Elections and Ethics Divisions’ sites and presents comprehensive information for voters, election officials, candidates, public officials and lobbyists in one convenient, easy-to-use place. 

“The public now has one authoritative web site for information about the Board and its mission to continue Wisconsin’s tradition of clean and open government,” said Kevin Kennedy, director and general counsel of the G.A.B.

The new site features:

  •  Information organized by subject matter rather than by Division.
  • Information about how to register to vote with links to the state’s Voter Public Access web site, where voters can check their voter registration status, find the location of polling places and who represents them at all levels of government.
  • An extensive library of current G.A.B. forms, guidelines, manuals, opinions, rules and statutes.
  • An enhanced Calendar for Board meetings, other G.A.B. events and election-related deadlines.
  • Pages with guidance for potential candidates about what forms they need to file, and when they need to file.
  • Information about future and past Board meetings, along with links to web video of the meetings from Wisconsin Eye.

The new site was built in-house by a team of G.A.B. staff members using the same free, open-source content management software used by The White House and many other government, nonprofit and commercial web sites.





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